Under Armour swimming shirt

Under Armour swimming


Last Saturday was the 10th show for Under Armour swimming shirt near the beach scheduled for December the 10th. I awoke to torrential rain. Looking outside I suddenly watched my pool nearly overflow. All I could think was, what do I do. Cancel. Postpone. Go on with the Show. I literally fell to my knees in prayer right there in the kitchen. As always, I ask the Lord to make decisions obvious and the rain came down in buckets. My decision was to punt. I asked the Arts Park if they could reschedule. They spoke clearly, we could hold the event in the rain, but if there was lightening it was going to be shut down immediately.

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Under Armour swimming
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Under Armour swimming
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Under Armour swimming
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Under Armour swimming
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As the Lord, would have it the next weekend was available. Reschedule. But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the Under Armour swimming shirt which doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. One phone call after another and one text after another and all to all ask if they could meet me next weekend. Sounds simple, right. God was on the move and I’m only one piece of the puzzle. He was getting ready to show off as he showed up.

Best Under Armour swimming shirt

Under Armour swimming

First, we had to talk to the band who traveled the Under Armour swimming shirt, they came from South Georgia. Their attitude amazed us all. We quickly gathered at the rain soaked park under the cover of the stage to shoot Facebook live Christmas Near The Beach Unplugged. I had two guitars I’d never really used and a washtub bass I’d gotten for Mother’s Day. Bingo. A band was created and worship exploded as we praised the King on video.

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