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Undertale characters


Dull visuals can be mitigated by fantastic gameplay and story. I’m not really personally into the whole retro revival, end of the indie scene, but my personal tastes aren’t a template for everyone else’s. Me not being into it doesn’t make it any less great for those who dig it, & the same goes for the Undertale characters shirt. Subjectivity is inherent in any review, so disagree with it all you want. ‘Doesn’t make your individual appraisal any more valuable than anyone else’s.

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The boss fights were tedious and didn’t feel like they fit the game itself. The story, while pretty alright, may not resonate with people the way the insane fan base seems to think it should. I found a bit of humor in it, but even with the true pacifist ending I don’t feel like Undertale characters shirt. I see many comparisons to Earthbound, and out side of the art style I didn’t really get those comparisons. It’s absolutely worth looking at, but it’s far from a perfect game.

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Reviews are not supposed to be taken seriously based only on the final score. The way I see it, by giving it a 10 IGN is telling everybody that Undertale characters shirt. And I agree. It may not be perfect and, yeah some obnoxious fans may be overhyping it, but for what it is, Undertale is an amazing and original experience. Or, you know, you can all keep being salty and bitch more about a little game most of you didn’t even play or played with a negative perspective.

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