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Arguing with the liberal left is a waste of time. They will never agree or try to understand your point of view and if the facts are not what they want to Unicorn Turkey Shirt they try to create a new narrative. You may not like Donald Trump personally but his polices are what is driving this country back to where it should be, that last presidency was smothering the American economy. And the foreign policy was wreaking this country. It’s no use arguing with this woman she is so far left she will never hear a thing you say.

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He was laughed at at the yesterday. He talks like a bully. He said some bad things about Unicorn Turkey Shirt countries yesterday but only good about kim of north korea. Their is something wrong with him. Tell me what has he done for this country but divide us. He wants to change our. He has lied more than any other man in politics.

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His administration is all messed up. There has never been so much corruption, resigning and Unicorn Turkey Shirt as in this administration. He is nothing but a dictator in the making. He has had his share of women accusations and I believe all 19 of them. He is an embarrassment.

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